Terra X: Germany in…

Episode 2: The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution literally catapults Germany into the future: steam power drives machines. Railroads connect cities. Heavy industry emerges. Life, work, society – everything changes within a few decades.
Mirko Drotschmann tells the story of one of the greatest upheavals in our history. And he explores the question of what it means when a country changes at breathtaking speed – and what that does to people.


WRITER: Daniel Sich     DIRECTORS: Nina Koshofer, Robert Wiezorek, Sahar Eslah, Leonard Claus    CAMERA:  Torbjörn Karvang, Joachim Seck, Marc Riemer         EDITOR:  Marie Wilbers         SOUND:  Simone Hartmann         COSTUME DESIGNER:  Ina Damyanova         MUSIC:  Paul Rabiger      COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Georg Graffe (ZDF), Claudia Moroni (ZDF)