Terra X: Germany in…

Episode 3: The Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties are a modern myth, the famous “dance on the volcano”. After war and monarchy, a time of unlimited possibilities begins. Art and architecture turn everything upside down that came before. Traditional role models are left behind and science and technology open up a new view of the world. But it is also a time of deep misery and political extremes. Mirko Drotschmann takes the viewer on a journey to the light and dark sides of a unique time that continues to captivate us today.


WRITER: Sabine Klauser, Cornelia Stier     DIRECTORS: Nina Koshofer, Robert Wiezorek, Sahar Eslah, Leonard Claus    CAMERA:  Torbjörn Karvang, Joachim Seck, Marc Riemer         EDITOR:  Claudia Spoden         SOUND:  Simone Hartmann         COSTUME DESIGNER:  Ina Damyanova         MUSIC:  Paul Rabiger      COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Georg Graffe (ZDF), Claudia Moroni (ZDF)