The Germans II

The second season of the series “Die Deutschen” (The Germans) again covers a thousand years of German history, starting with Charlemagne in the early Middle Ages and reaching to the critical years of the Weimar Republic in the early twentieth century. The films show the different courses German history took throughout the centuries and underline the rich cultural influences underlying the German identity.

Led by a mainly German cast, hundreds of well-known actors from Morocco, Romania and the Czech Republic re-create highlights and turning points in German history.

The episodes include scenes with stunning 3D animations and computer effects, such as the decisive battle led by Thomas Müntzer against a noble army during the Peasants’ War, or the fully computer generated imperial palace of Charlemagne in Aachen.

Important historical figures guide viewers through each episode, some of them well known, some not, but all of them significant to the nation’s development.