The Germans II

Episode 3: Hildegard von Bingen and the Women’s Power

Part 3 portrays an extraordinary character from the 12th century. No other woman at the time achieved such fame or won the respect of the powerful as this visionary, theologian and nun who was already considered “Prophetissa Teutonica” during her lifetime.


WRITER: Friederike Haedecke     DIRECTOR (SCE.): Carsten Gutschmidt, Dana Linkiewicz     DIRECTOR (DOC.): Judith Voelker, Robert Wiezorek     CAMERA (SCE.): Frank Amann, Alexander Sachariew CAMERA (DOC.): Jörg Adams, Tobias Akly     EDITOR: laudia Spoden, Nick Cimbollek      MUSIC: Paul Rabiger COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Stefan Brauburger (ZDF), Georg Graffe (ZDF)