The Germans

Episode 1: Otto and the Empire

Part 1: Otto and the Empire takes us back to the 10th century. Focusing on King Otto I, it shows how territorial rulers and kings always fought for supremacy on German soil and how external threats – at that time from Hungary – united the country.


WRITER: Christian Feyerabend     DIRECTOR (SCE.): Christian Twente, Michael Löseke     DIRECTOR (DOC.): Robert Wiezorek, Stephan Koester     CAMERA (SCE.): Matthias Haedecke, Torbjörn Karvang, Jan Prillwitz, Marc Riemer  CAMERA (DOC.): Jörg Adams, Sias van Zyl, Ralf Grabowski     EDITOR: Timothy McLeish  MUSIC: Paul Rabiger, Hans Günter Wagener COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Stefan Brauburger (ZDF)