The Germans

Episode 10: William and the World

Part 10: William and the World explains how Hohenzollern Emperor William II – unlike Otto von Bismarck – wanted to make the German Empire a world power. The First World War demonstrated once again that Germany could only survive if it lived in peaceful co-existence with Europe, not if it opposed it. The founders of the Weimar Republic faced the same challenge.


WRITER: Ricarda Schlosshan      DIRECTOR (SCE.): Olaf Götz, Fridtjof Grüsser     DIRECTOR (DOC.): Erica von Moeller, Stephan Koester     CAMERA (SCE.): Matthias Haedecke, Jan Prillwitz  CAMERA (DOC.): Jörg Adams, Sias van Zyl, Ralf Grabowski     EDITOR: Timothy McLeish, Peter Boris Hassmann  MUSIC: Markus Lonardoni, Hans Günter Wagener COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Stefan Brauburger (ZDF)