The Germans

Episode 8: Robert Blum and the Revolution

Part 8: Robert Blum and the Revolution portrays a democratic revolutionary whose fate exemplified the failure of the first pan-German assembly of 1848. Although the dual objectives of “freedom and unity” were not achieved, the meeting in St. Paul’s Church in Frankfurt paved the way for the future unification of the German states.


WRITER: Peter Hartl      DIRECTOR (SCE.): Olaf Götz, Fridtjof Grüsser     DIRECTOR (DOC.): Erica von Moeller, Stephan Koester     CAMERA (SCE.): Matthias Haedecke, Jan Prillwitz  CAMERA (DOC.): Jörg Adams, Sias van Zyl, Ralf Grabowski     EDITOR: Mathias Meyer  MUSIC: Markus Lonardoni, Hans Günter Wagener COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Stefan Brauburger (ZDF)