With Pelzig on the Bench

Episode 2: F***cking Freedom!

In the second episode, Pelzig starts his journey in the small town of “Freiheit” (“Freedom”). “Born in freedom,” that sounds wonderful. But the initial elation quickly rushes to the basement in the face of the overabundance of everything that turns the beautiful freedom into an agony of choice. He visits the philosopher and psychiatrist Thomas Fuchs to learn how we can better deal with freedom. In Berlin, he goes in search of clues with Ulrike Poppe. As a young woman, the GDR civil rights activist spent weeks in pre-trial detention because she had a different idea of freedom than the GDR’s pre-senile political elites. And in Bonn, Pelzig goes on a journey through time with Gerhart Baum to the former republic and its enemies of freedom.


WRITER: Frank-Markus Barwasser, Eva Schötteldreier     DIRECTOR: Eva Schötteldreier      CAMERA: Torbjörn Karvang, Adnane Korchyou, Achim Seck, Marvin Zimmermann, Benedikt Rüchel     EDITOR: Marie Wilbers, Daniel Sonnenschein SOUND: Simone Hartmann, Holger Junge, Tobias Gerlach     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Wolfgang Aull (3sat)