With Pelzig on the Bench

Episode 3: F***cking Love!

One minute a happy wedding couple is waving to Pelzig in a frenzy of love, and the next they are arguing violently as they separate. In this episode, Erwin Pelzig reflects on the future of love in the 21st century. He is helped by bestselling author Şeyda Kurt, for whom romantic love is an invention of white, bourgeois men. And because Pelzig is of the opinion that people only really get to know each other when they break up, he lets couples therapist Aino Simon spill the beans. And with actor Sky du Mont, he discusses the suggestion already made by Goethe in his “Elective Affinities” that marriage durations should be limited from the start.

WRITER: Frank-Markus Barwasser, Eva Schötteldreier, Cornelia Stier     DIRECTOR: Eva Schötteldreier      CAMERA: Torbjörn Karvang, Adnane Korchyou, Achim Seck, Marvin Zimmermann, Benedikt Rüchel     EDITOR: Marie Wilbers, Daniel Sonnenschein SOUND: Tobias Gerlach, Simone Hartmann, Holger Jung     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Wolfgang Aull (3sat)