On days like these

Episode 2: April 1st

Fake News! Alternative facts! Almost daily we are confronted with these keywords. There is only one day in the year when they do not cause any nasty excitement: April 1st. Because on this day, we expect to be sent into April with mischief by others. We follow this fun tradition, but also look at what else happened on April 1st, and that was quite a lot: In Schönhausen on the Elbe one of the most controversial politicians of our country is born, in Florence a unique artist’s career begins and in Los Altos a big name of the tech industry is founded. But the Bauhaus in Weimar, the ruins of Pompeii, equal rights and same-sex marriage are also firmly connected to this day. But watch out: we have also included fake news in our film. Can you detect any?


WRITER: Martin Becker     EDITOR: Rafal Bujoczek     RIGHTS CLEARANCE: Christina Hilden     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Judith Beyermann (ZDF), Tina Weimer (ZDF)