On days like these

Episode 3: June 6

June 6 stands for one thing above all: D-Day. With the landing of the Allies in Normandy, the fate of Europe is decided. Women also show their fighting spirit on this day. Although they are threatened with several years in prison, they confidently proclaim: “We had an abortion!”

But that is not all. While Hitler and the masses cheer the notorious Condor Legion, a captain from Hamburg tries to save hundreds of Jews from the Nazis. The American government sends its Native Americans on the trail of tears, in California another bearer of hope falls victim to an assassination attempt and in Bulgaria archaeologists make a spectacular find.

June 6 is also truly royal, as it is the day the last Tsarina of Russia sees the light of day and the Queen invites you to the party of the year.

And what do Alexander Gerst and porcelain have in common? Find out!


WRITER: Cornelia Stier     EDITOR: Jennifer Nass     RIGHTS CLEARANCE: Solveig Hansen, Christina Hilden     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Judith Beyermann (ZDF), Tina Weimer (ZDF)