On days like these

Episode 1: International Women’s Day

March 8 is Women’s Day – International Women’s Day. Like few other days it shows how important it is to take to the streets for one’s rights.
A hundred years ago, the German Socialist Clara Zetkin had the idea to introduce an international women’s day to fight for gender equality.
It was followed by the Spanish women who paralysed their country in a general strike in 2018, or the Iranian women who demonstrated against the Islamic order in 1979.
And then there is the New York Stock Exchange. It was founded on March 8th, but women are still being sought here today.
So it’s worth taking a close look on a mysterious day like this.
On March 8 an incredible secret service story begins and a complete airliner disappears.
Enjoy with us a turbulent day trip, which can be started on this 8th March either by zeppelin, hippie bus or space shuttle.


WRITER: Sandra Kloesges     EDITOR: Alina Krischke     RIGHTS CLEARANCE: Christina Hilden     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Judith Beyermann (ZDF), Tina Weimer (ZDF)