The History of the Southwest

Episode 6: How we experienced war and Nazi rule

In the 1920s, the National Socialist movement also gained ground in southwest Germany. The new regime knew only friend or foe. Political opponents were ostracised and persecuted, while Jews suffered most under Nazi oppression. But there was also resistance.


WRITER: Werner Biermann   DIRECTOR: Saskia Weisheit, Robert Wiezore   PRESENTER: Lena Ganschow   CAMERA: Roland Breitschuh, Torbjörn Karvang   SET DESIGN: Eva Bertlings, Jörg Fahnenbruck, Utta Hagen  COSTUME DESIGN: Martina Schall, Anna Schmidbauer   EDITOR: Claudia Spoden   MUSIC: Markus Lehmann-Horn  PRODUCER: Daniel Sich   COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Imogen Nabel, Gerolf Karwath