Oh, Europe

Episode 1: Europe Was Born in the Orient

We start with the myth about the origins of Europe: the love story between Zeus and a princess by the name of ‘Europe’. The ancient Greeks demonstrate how civilisation works. They are role models for the Romans, who help bring Mediterranean culture to the rest of Europe. But in the chilly North, the Barbarians are unimpressed by the southern way of life.


WRITER: Martin Carazo Mendez      DIRECTOR: Martin Carazo Mendez, Christel Fomm, Christian Twente      PRESENTER: Annette Frier, Antonia de Rendinger      CAMERA: Martin Christ, Michael Kern, Roland Breitschuh, Marc Riemer   EDITOR:: Fabian Wienke, Christina Hilden     MUSIC: Paul Rabiger      NARRATOR: Simon Roden      COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Olaf Grunert (ZDF/ARTE), Martin Pieper (ZDF/ARTE), Stefan Brauburger (ZDF/ZDFinfo)