Oh, Europe

Episode 10: Discovery of peace

What can we expect of a continent that has twice plunged the world into chaos? The battle of the systems, the Cold War determines the mood, the ‘Iron Curtain’ becomes a symbol of the division of the East and West. And yet the dream of self-determination and freedom transforms societies, the desire for human rights unites the continent. A happy end? Not necessarily. Europe today is not perfect, it is divided. And yet it is still the best we have ever had.


WRITER: Martin Carazo Mendez, Maxine Brückner      DIRECTOR: Martin Carazo Mendez, Christel Fomm, Christian Twente      PRESENTER: Annette Frier, Antonia de Rendinger      CAMERA: Martin Christ, Michael Kern, Roland Breitschuh, Marc Riemer   EDITOR: Marie Wilbers, Christina Hilden     MUSIC: Paul Rabiger      NARRATOR: Simon Roden      COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Olaf Grunert (ZDF/ARTE), Martin Pieper (ZDF/ARTE), Stefan Brauburger (ZDF/ZDFinfo)