Oh, Europe

Episode 5: In Search of Paradise

Spirit of discovery or delusions of grandeur? The Europeans want to explore the world, head for new shores. But on these new shores, they behave rather badly. Indigenous populations are wiped out, their riches plundered. Back home, the Europeans try to kill each other in the name of God because a man called Luther has found alternative ways to achieve spiritual salvation.


WRITER: Mathilde Benignus, Martin Carazo Mendez      DIRECTOR: Martin Carazo Mendez, Christel Fomm, Christian Twente      PRESENTER: Annette Frier, Antonia de Rendinger      CAMERA: Martin Christ, Michael Kern, Roland Breitschuh, Marc Riemer   EDITOR:: Igor Garbuzenko, Christoph Sagert     MUSIC: Paul Rabiger      NARRATOR: Simon Roden      COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Olaf Grunert (ZDF/ARTE), Martin Pieper (ZDF/ARTE), Stefan Brauburger (ZDF/ZDFinfo)